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Clove essential oil helps to soothe toothache and headaches, improve the circulation and revive tired, aching muscles. It’s a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral remedy. Add this warm spicy oil to your bath or use it in aromatherapy massage, to enjoy its healing properties. SOiL’s essential oils are ultra-pure and certified organic, so you get the maximum benefit from each one.

This certified organic clove bud oil has a warm spicy fragrance, and so many therapeutic properties:


  • Analgesic, pain-relieving 
  • Antibacterial, antifungal & antimicrobial
  • Helps to treat athletes foot & nail fungus
  • Soothes aching muscles
  • Anti-inflammatory, soothes pain & swelling
  • Helps to relieve toothache & numb the gums
  • Warming; improves circulation; warms cold extremities
  • Helps to soothe headaches, tension & stress
  • Lifts the mood & fights fatigue
  • High in skin-loving antioxidants



Baths: Add 5-10 drops to warm running bath water. If your skin is sensitive, dilute it with a teaspoon of carrier oil first. Close the door so the vapours don’t escape. Soak in the bath for at least 10 minutes, relaxing and breathing deeply.

Massage: Add 5-6 drops of essential oil to every 10ml of carrier oil you use. Mix thoroughly & massage into the skin.

Inhalations: Add 4-5 drops to a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes and lean over the bowl. Inhale the vapour for a few minutes.

Burners & Diffusers: Fill the bowl of the burner/ or diffuser with water; add 3-6 drops of essential oil, then light the candle. The oil will evaporate with the water vapour. Don’t allow the bowl to dry out.



Essential oils are the highly concentrated active ingredients of plants, and should always be diluted with a carrier oil (base oil) before use.

For external use only; do not take internally without medical supervision.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Care Instructions


SOil essential oils are living products; they’re vulnerable to heat, moisture, air & light. Store in a cool dry place with the lid tightly sealed.

If you refrigerate your essential oil, allow it to reach a cool room temperature (around 20°C) before use.



Clove bud (Syzygium aromaticum eugenia) essential oil


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