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Help expel foreign matter from the body. Abscesses, boils, styes. Skin and Connective Tissue Conditioner: This eliminates toxins from the tissues, clears suppuration and expels foreign matter from the body. It also strengthens connective tissue, supports and sustains after excess stress and overwork. Improves memory function and mineral assimilation and is the perfect tissue salt for older people.



Abscesses, boils, styes

Promotes elimination of degenerative matter from the body tissue


Used For

• Pustulent sores or pimples

• Bad odour and smelly feet

• Embedded foreign objects


Homoeophatic Mode of Action

Silicea is a cleansing, eliminating tissue salt. It removes foul, degerative matter from the body and is the biochemic remedy for abscesses, styes, boils and pimples, bad odour, offensive perspiration and smelly feet. Silicea is also indicated for malnutrition, physical fatigue, trembling and langour.


Dosage and Directions

Dissolve 1-2 tablets under the tongue 3 times daily. Maybe taken hourly in acute cases. Consult you practitioner if symptoms persist.



Not to be taken by individuals with implants or foreign objects in their body.


Did you know?

Tissue salts like most other homoeopathic tablets have a lactose base which gives them a slightly sweet taste. Provided the recommended dosage is adhered to, it should not significantly affect individuals with mild to moderate diabetes.


  • Protect from Sunlight
  • Store below 25C
  • Keep out of reach of Children


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