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Signs of acute inflammation

1. Redness

2. Heat

3. Pain

4. Swelling


Used for

• Otitis (earache)

• Tonsilitis (sore throat)

• Mild pain


Homoeophatic Mode of Action

Ferrum phos is the biochemic first aid remedy. It should be used at the onset of any inflammatory conditions i.e. disorders ending with ‘-itis’. This tissue salt is indicated for the first stages of colds, fevers, otitis, as well as for anaemia, haemorrhoids, urinary incontinence and menstrual pain.


Dosage and Directions

Dissolve 1-2 tablets under the tongue 3 times daily. May be taken hourly in acute cases. Consult your practitioner if symptoms persist.


Did you know?

Tissue salts like most other homoeopathic tablets have a lactose base which gives them a slightly sweet taste. Provided the recommended dosage is adhered to, it should not significantly affect individuals with mild to moderate diabetes.



  • Protect from Sunlight
  • Store below 25C
  • Keep out of reach of Children


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