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  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes optimal overall health 
  • Encourages collagen production   


Liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is the first choice of people who really understand bioavailability and the importance of high-dose vitamin C. Other forms of vitamin C succumb to absorption barriers that vastly limit the amount of vitamin C available to enter the bloodstream. Gentle and non-acidic for sensitive stomachs, liposomal vitamin C crashes through these barriers to get high-potency vitamin C where you need it most: your cells. 


Not only do you get all the benefits of vitamin C, but this also helps satisfy the body’s ever-growing need for essential phospholipids – including phosphatidylcholine (PC), one of the most important phospholipids required for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and nervous system.


Children under the age of 12: Take 1 capsule daily.

Children over the age of 12 and adults: Take 1 to 2 capsules daily.


Biomax Vitamin C Liposomal

GMO free

Gluten free

Sugar free

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Eco-friendly packaging

Clinically tested

Produced by world-leading experts in Liposome technology under GMP conditions

Vegetarian friendly

Supports paleo, zone and vegan diets

GMO free Quali-C® Vitamin C from European source (non-China)

Added benefits of phosphatidylcholine


Contributes to normal function of the immune system, normal collagen formation, protection of cells from oxidative stress, and maintenance of good health.



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