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Along with helping to support a healthy digestive system, Spearmint Essential Oil is an excellent choice when wanting to ease unwanted muscle spasms and help manage minor pain and inflammation. This essential oil can help support proper lung function, especially if one is experiencing congestion relating to a cold or the flu. Spearmint Oil can help boost the immune system and reduce the presence of unwelcome bacterial, fungal, or viral activity.


Within skin care applications, Spearmint Essential Oil is a wonderful essential oil to include in formulations intended to invigorate the mind and refresh the skin and hair. Because Spearmint Oil is gentler on the skin than peppermint oil and can be added to skincare products to assist with dermatitis, acne and congested skin.


Emotionally and energetically, the sweet, invigorating scent of Spearmint Oil has a balancing and uplifting effect. Diffused or topically applied with suitable carrier oils, Spearmint Essential Oil is a handy addition to daily wellness regimens focused upon stress management. This essential oil can help manage situational anxiety and depression and is a welcome comfort in working to encourage a restful night’s sleep. Spearmint Oil also helps provide mental clarity and encourage greater self-confidence, especially during times of transition or uncertainty.


PART USED Leaves and tops
EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

BLENDS WELL WITH: BasilEucalyptus, RosemaryPeppermint and other mints, Ylang Ylang and other florals



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